About Us

Why Did We Start Business? 

I want to thank you for your interest in Care Tonics. This is a Hemp skin care journey that only gets better with every person we help. Allow me to share how this journey began.

Many people have asked what made me start a Hemp business. Well, this is hard to talk about but I want to be very transparent.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was terrified and the mere thought of leaving my twin sister had me absolutely sick. I couldn’t eat, sleep or work. I felt broken but ready to fight! I was instantly depressed with so much anxiety I could barely take a deep breath. Not long ago I had a mastectomy and beat the hell out of cancer! I’m currently taking a medication that causes intense headaches, nausea, rashes on my skin, irritability, hot flashes and hair thinning. In researching different things to treat my side effects, I learned about Hemp and all of its healing properties. I was amazed and decided to start using it. What a difference it has made in my life. I thought about other breast cancer survivors like myself and felt I should share this with the world.

Whether it is breast cancer or other skin issues trying Hemp skin care is worth it! Hemp has many benefits and great skin is just one of them. No better place to begin your Hemp Skin Care journey then right here.

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